On Demand Training Program

This is the core of the training- PERFECT for a rock star in the making! For $199 you get an entire year of Sheri's e...

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Professional Actor Training

​The fee to enroll for the Fall Professional Actor Training Program is $650, and includes Sheri's Rock the Audition O...

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Teacher Training

Level 1 ​The fee to enroll for the Fall level 1 Teacher Training Program is $650, and includes Sheri's Rock t...

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Teen Edition

Sheri has recreated her iconic "Rock The Audition" training to be freshly formatted for teen performers!​​ Wheth...

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Teen Edition Gold Package

Eight training modules breaking down the styles of popular music currently represented on Broadway Videos of Sheri...

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Teen Edition Platinum Package

An invitation to Sheri's exclusive "Rock The Audition" training forum for up-to-date Pop/Rock Musical Theatre audit...

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Teen Edition Diamond Package

Work with Sheri directly on audition material in both show-specific online classes and with on-demand posting in th...

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University Training Program

After teaching at 62 colleges in 5 years, Sheri created a program to train your ENTIRE musical theatre program with j...

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Working one-on-one with Sheri is the perfect setting to ask industry and pop music questions, or to make big choices ...

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