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This open enrollment program has all of the major components of Sheri's "Rock The Audition LIVE Online". It's perfect for the performer or teacher who thrives being in a community!

So whether you've already worked with Sheri and you want to continue to develop your techniques, or you are incredible at picking up these styles just from engaging, listening, sharing and practicing on your own; this is the perfect for the Rock Star in you!

As an member of Rock The Audition Online, you will receive an entire years' access to the following:

  • 8 training modules that completely breakdown the style of music and its relationship to you (Motown, 70's Folk/Rock, Disco, 80's Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/R&B and Hip-Hop, Rock/Punk, Country/Bluegrass, and Faeries). 
  • A private On-Line Community where we share tips, tools, videos, and music. This community is a place where you will have direct communication with Sheri on all your audition needs.
  • Opportunities to work with Sheri on your audition cuts in show-specific community classes. This includes shows like Mean Girls, Hamilton, Waitress, and Jagged Little Pill. As a part of the online program, you can sign up and work in these classes with Sheri for free!
  • Archives of all previous 8-week AND show-specific community class videos for future replay!
  • You can find Sheri's guidance to picking the right audition material on www.musicnotes.com.

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