Q: Where is the university site license?

A: Right Here! 

Q: Can I register for the Professional Actor Training Program or Teacher Training Program without buying the On Demand Program? 

A: No because the On Demand Program is the basis of all the training programs and without it you would not have the knowledge you need to train with Sheri. Remember enrollment in the On Demand Program allows you access to all of Sheri's materials, her private Facebook forum, the free show specific community classes and consistent communication with Sheri, herself, for one entire year!

Q: Want to suggest a song for Sheri to arrange on musicnotes.com? 

A: We'd LOVE it! Leave your song suggestions HERE! 

Q: I'm a teacher and I'm interested in the Teacher Training. Do I have to do level 1 AND 2, or am I able to just do level 1?

A: You can absolutely stop after completing Level 1. You'll want to keep going- cause its game changing- but you don't need to be certified to get benefits!

Q:I want to take the Teacher or Actor Training but I can’t do Sheri next class. What should I do in the meantime.

A: Sheri HIGHLY recommends you jump into the On Demand Program so you get to watch all her archived classes, post videos of you performing songs and getting feedback, have consisted access to Sheri and learn and grow from the unbelievable private Rock The Audition community. 

Q: Are you a university and want to see the Rock The Audition course curriculum? 

A:Click Here


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