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I've teamed up with Christopher Castanho a series of articles surrounding “tricky to discuss, but necessary” social topics through the lens of Student and Teacher in the Musical Theatre community called “Musical Theatre: The Wild Side“.

Our second topic: Gender Diversity.  CLick HERE for part one, Gender DIversity and Education in Musical Theatre.


Here's an EXLUSIVE interview with Rye The News Guy!


Check out this amazing write up about Women/LGBTQ entrepreneurs!

Sheri is feature as one of 17 "Women at the Helm" of 2017/


“Young people—15, 16-year-old kids—in this super scary time are going to get to find a place to put their feelings,” she said. “Maybe in a raw rock song by Kurt Cobain, or in a disco song if they want to blow off steam, or a Foreigner song if they want to be in a silly ‘80s rock video on MTV. I mean, this is all really fun and healthy, and it just makes everyone so much cooler, doesn’t it?”


First of Three!  Sheri Teams up with Christopher Castanho and The Huffington Post for "Musical Theatre: The Wild Sides".  Click here to check out 'Am I too Gay?'

Rocking Audition Education:

How Sheri Sanders is Revolutionizing Audition Prep and talking about it with OnStage Blog.

Sheri hijacks Theater in the Now: Blog! Check it out here!

BWW Feature: Sheri Sanders Rocks In Musical Workshop of CHIX 6


Interview: Sheri Sanders on Her Ultimate Musical Theatre Resource, ‘Rock the Performance’ with DailyActor.com


The Art of Full Self- Expression- With Unmistakeable Creative


5 minute Call- With Cessalee Stovall


The Set List- with Victor Legra


What it means to be a female entrepreneur in a male dominated entertainment business -  Deb Bailey and Women Entrepreneurs Radio


Ask a Teach-  With The Write Teachers


Call Redialed: Sheri Sanders and Rock The Performance - With Call Me Adam


Finding your Voice Through Others- with Commercial Voice Resources


Interview with ContemporaryMusicalTheatre.com- with David Sisco and Laura Josepher


How to Rock You're Musical Theatre Auditions- with Actor Life Hack


Interview with Actor Intro


Interview with Musical Theatre Resources-Kevin Michael Jones


Interview with LA WEEKLY 


You can Sing But Can You Rock - Wall Street Journal
















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