On Demand Training Program

This is the core of the training- PERFECT for a rock star in the making! For $199 you get an entire year of Sheri's exclusive online program which includes:
  • Eight up-to-date, multi-faceted training modules in all popular music styles currently represented on Broadway:

    Motown     70's Folk/Rock

    Disco     80's Pop/Rock

    Contemporary Pop/Rock/Punk     Hip-Hop/ R&B

    Country/Bluegrass     Faeries/ Poetic 

  • Here are some of our previous community classes:


  • This online training program unlocks the ability to enroll in the eight week private training program, NYC four week private class and other training opportunities for an additional cost. 
  • Train on perfect pop/rock songs! Follow Sheri as she shares how to use her custom audition cuts found ONLY on Musicnotes.com


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