In this eight week intensive training program ​Sheri will train teachers to embody all styles of popular music currently represented on Broadway once a week on ZOOM (Sheri's online classroom). This program is the only opportunity for you to have a private and visceral experience by singing every style of popular music under Sheri's tutelage. It will profoundly shift your and your students' training so you both succeed in the current market! This Exclusive Training Program is hosted only 3 times a year so make sure to sign up now before it's too late! 
Week 1: Motown 
Week 2: 70s Folk/Rock
Week 3: Disco
Week 4: 80s Pop
Week 5: Hip-Hop/R&B
Week 6: Pop/Rock/Punk
Week 7: Country, Bluegrass, Folk
Week 8: Faeries

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Includes 1 year in Sheri's On Demand Training Program


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