Rock the Audition, Teen Edition!

For the last 6 years, Sheri has been a guest teacher with some of the greatest teen programs out there: The Summer Program at BoCo, Hartt School of Music, The Broadway Collective, SIVA, Steinhardt, Tisch, Innovation Arts, French Woods, Stageworks, Texas Arts Project


Let's just say RTA absolutely LOVES the realness of teens.

Sheri has teamed up with her incredible collaborator Mary Nickson to 

offer 8 week, 4-week and one day teen classes specifically in Pop/Rock On Camera.

Teen Program 1.png

Week 1: Motown 

Week 2: 70’s Folk/Rock


Week 3: Disco


Week 4: 80’s Pop/Rock

Week 5: R&B/Rap


Week 6: Pop/Rock/Punk


Week 7: Country & Bluegrass

Week 8: Poetic (Contemporary Folk)

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