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The CARE Coalition

The Rock The Audition Coalition was created in Nov 2019 with the launch of the Second Edition of the book. It was for the purpose of re-creating the relationships between student, teacher, administration, then audition room, rehearsal room, and production with liberation and transparency as the ground floor.

In February of 2020, as the pandemic began, Rock The Audition then helped pilot The CARE Coalition. CARE stands for Creative and Artistic Equity, and the branches we piloted in NYC in November 2019 became the fertile ground for healing at Oklahoma City University’s Wanda L. Bass School of Music.

We were able to mobilize incredible inclusion efforts, healing crucial relationships at Arizona State University, Millikin University, and AMDA. The purposefulness of the coalition was to learn how to not only advocate for yourself, but to hold space for and advocate for other people.



The CARE Language Center.png

In May 2021, we met as a team to begin creating The Language Center. This is a place where any casting person, creative team, actor, or coach can check out the most recent palette of language to use to the day of their collaboration with any artist at any time. 


We begin work on The Language Center at the crucial intersection between Queer and Disabled.

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