The pioneer behind the musical theatre revolution Rock The Audition, Sheri Sanders created and published her "how-to" audition book with Hal Leonard in 2011 and revolutionized the way actors audition for rock musicals. In 2015 Sheri turned this book into a hugely sucessful, multi-faceted, multi-media online training program titled "Rock the Audition Online".

This is an exclusive, professional training program for performers, teachers, coaches, University programs and now, teens! The only training of its kind, RTA enables you to capture the essence of all styles of popular music and master their relationship to musical theatre. To further support your success in this most in-demand genre of musical theatre,   Sheri's custom audition cuts can now be found on Now you can grow with Sheri- and the rest of this unbelievable online community she's created- from any corner of the world.

Sheri encourages you to join her On-Demand program as a great first step towards pop/rock musical mastery. The program includes tons of free coaching opportunities for upcoming Broadway rock musicals, direct feedback from Sheri on your audition/callback-specific materials, and consistent engagement in our thriving community for an entire year. Once a part of the On-Demand program, you have the option to enroll in her private classes at any time for an additional fee!



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