Hey, it's me! Sheri Sanders!

I am a professional actor who noticed in 2004 that the radio was changing the climate of musical theatre. I have since become the world’s preeminent popular music repertoire coach and, in 2015, I turned my hugely successful book, Rock The Audition: How to Prepare for and Get Cast in Musicals, into an interactive online training program. Besides training performers and educators from every corner of the world, I have teamed up with Musicnotes.com to create custom audition cuts in all styles of popular music! 

Want to Master the Most In Demand Genre of Musical Theatre? Join Rock The Audition's On Demand Program, the only Pop/Rock Musical Training Program! 

Are you a voice or acting teacher looking to profoundly expand your studio's offerings? Sheri's accreditation program will train you to embody all styles of popular music currently represented on Broadway.

The Teen Program is a year long training program with focused classes in each style of popular music currently represented on Broadway. We also have specialty classes for shows like School of Rock, Frozen, Matilda, 13, and any shows that want young people specifically!

Working one-on-one with Sheri is the perfect setting to ask industry and pop music questions or maybe make big choices on that new song in a safe space. 

Want to see what Sheri has to say about all things music, theatre, and more? Come take a look at her blog! 

Do you have a question for Sheri that you can't find the answer for here? Look no further, ask away! 

Don't see an arrangement of the song you want to sing on Musicnotes.com? Let Sheri know! 

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Want to take class with Sheri? Check out all of Sheri's upcoming classes and events HERE

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Never worry about audition arrangements again! Browse through the hundreds of pop/rock and legit musical theatre cuts Sheri has arranged with Musicnotes.com HERE.

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