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In 2004, Sheri Sanders noticed that the radio was changing the climate of Musical Theatre, and she created Rock the Audition, a Masterclass in NYC in auditioning for Pop/Rock Musicals. From then, until 2020, Sheri has published the first book on the subject (Hal Leonard), collaborated with 86 musical theatre programs, made audition cuts on Musicnotes, created the VERY FIRST Online Musical Theatre program (2015), and self-published the revised second edition to grow and change with the cultural climate. While navigating a formal diagnosis of CPTSD in 2013, Sheri decided to build RTA as the first house of accountability, responsibility, repair, liberation, and healing in the theatre industry.

In 2020, Sheri was given the opportunity to take everything she’s built and mobilize the very first conscious, equitable, musical theatre training program. The outstanding intersectional artists and leaders from the already existing Rock The Audition team are recreating musical theatre through a lens of color and dynamics…. together.

 Meet the RTA Team!

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Mary Nickson




Sheri Sanders

RTA Pioneer
Activist, Ally, Educator,

Actor, and Innovator


Ways to Play with Us

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Some of our Partner Institutions Include:

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